Why is My Client’s House Not Selling? A Lesson in Staging in Michigan

Home Staging

When it comes to staging a home, looks are everything. In an industry that is saturated with sellers vying for buyers, staging can make a property stand out. Click To Tweet

Here are some ways you can stage a home in Michigan to make it prominent among others on the market.

Group Furniture Together

Contrary to popular belief, pushing all of the furniture to the furthest corners of a room doesn’t make it look bigger. By hiding those corners, you actually reduce that space which buyers will pick up on. Move the furnishing away from the walls to expose those areas, and make the room look spacious. A good way to do this is to group sofas or chairs together in cozy and inviting setups. This will make the area user-friendly, open up room for foot traffic, and make the room look larger than it is.

Define Each Room

All of the rooms in your home should have a distinct personality or purpose. This will do two things. It will make the areas purposeful, and it will allow buyers to determine how they can take advantage of each square footage. For instance, if you have a large basement, convert it into a game room or convert an unused attic into office space. Similarly, an unused room can be turned into a temporary guest room for the staging. Even if the buyer has other ideas for those areas, they will understand that every part of the home is usable which will increase its value. Highlight window seats, alcoves, breakfast corners, and other niche areas for a similar effect.

Let There be Light

Natural light is the best way to give a home an inviting aura. Before a showing, make sure all of the blinds and curtains are open to let in the sunlight. Add light fixtures in areas that the sunlight can’t reach or leave them dark to create a cozy ambience. If your existing light fixtures are suitable enough, make sure they are clean and dust free before a showing. Grime is instantly noticeable and may drive off serious buyers.

Make Rooms Appear More Spacious

To make a room appear bigger than it is, paint it the same color as the one next to it. For instance, if your kitchen and dining area are small, painting them the same shade of blue for example will give them a seamless look. Plus, a small porch can look bigger if it is painted in green to match the lawn. Painting the walls with the same shade as your draperies will also do the trick.

Experiment with Different Colors

Speaking of paint, don’t be afraid of using unconventional color schemes in some areas. For example, you can opt for a dark shade in a living room to give it an intimate feel. Or just paint an accent wall to draw attention to an attractive fireplace or window seat. The bottom line is you don’t have to splurge on a paint job for your entire home when small areas will do. Just adding pops of color around the house or different colored walls will increase your home’s aesthetics, and it won’t cost you much either.

Don’t Forget the Exterior

Even if you staged a property to perfection, an overgrown yard or weed-ridden pathway will put off interested buyers. Before a showing, clear up all of the debris, dead plants, and weeds from the front of the house to give it a clean look. Rather than painting the exterior, just brush up the paint job on the main door, garage doors, shutters, trim, the mailbox, and the windows. Also make sure that there are no rust spots on downspouts, and paint the fence with a fresh coat. These small and budget friendly considerations will give an inviting feel to the property, and increase your chances of a quick sale.

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