How Technology Influences the Montana Real Estate Market

  • How Technology Influences the Montana Real Estate Market
  • Technology and the internet have transformed every industry, including real estate. Agents, buyers, and sellers have most of the tools they need accessible on their iPhone or tablet. Technology has put an unimaginable amount of information within reach of every real estate consumer. If you have a question, the answer is a quick Google search away. It has made almost everything easier, which is good and bad. Some consumers may erroneously believe that with the internet and tons of apps, they don’t need a real estate agent.

    Let’s look at the ways technology has influenced the real estate industry.

  • Real Estate Agents: Mobile Office

    Agents are often on the go driving around to appointments and showings. So, it’s natural that mobile technology has been embraced to make a mobile real estate office work. Smart phones and tablets have much of the same tools and applications as computers.

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  • Real Estate Agents: Communication

    Communication among agents, clients, contractors, lenders, and other professionals is now easier and faster. Many clients and colleagues prefer to communicate via text and email. Showings can be quickly set up via text.

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  • Real Estate Agents: Information Management

    Agents are increasing their efficiency with collaboration tools via the Cloud. Dropbox and Evernote allow professionals to track files. Agents can get buyers’ and sellers’ signatures on important documents with e-signature technology like Authentisign.

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  • Real Estate Agents: Marketing

    Prospecting for leads is powered by internet tools, social media, email, and database software. Many experienced real estate agents now blog instead of writing articles for the local real estate brochures.

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  • Real Estate Agents: Renewal and Education

    Most license application and renewal happens online now. It is quicker and easier. Many smart agents complete the required continuing education online now too.

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  • Buyers: Research

    Most home buyers these days start their searches for agents and properties online. Before they are even sure they want to buy, they are doing online research about finances, markets, mortgages, and more.

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  • Buyers: Property Searches

    It’s more than just the local Realtor website for property searches. Buyers can download a Zillow or Redfin app to their phones and then pull up listings meeting their needs as they drive around looking at neighborhoods.

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  • Buyers: Financing

    The mortgage industry is automated and online now too. Many buyers get pre-qualified online before they start looking so they have a realistic price range in mind.

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  • Sellers: Research

    Sellers use a variety of online resources to research several agents before setting appointments to interview listing agents. They use the internet to find and solicit bids from cleaning agencies and contractors.

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  • Sellers: Marketing

    Real estate ads in the newspaper seem quaint now. These days it’s high tech. Beautiful professional photographs are just the beginning. Drone photography, slick videos, digital floor plans, and cool 3D virtual tours are common and mobile compatible now. Buyers expect to see a lot more visuals of listings in the 21st century.

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  • Technology has revolutionized education too. A real estate agent anywhere in the country can go online and in a matter of minutes, enroll in all the continuing real estate education she needs to renew her license. Millions of professionals trust, a leader provider of online courses in a variety of industries. On-demand real estate training so easy and convenient you can complete it on your sofa anytime. Enroll today!

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