Signs of Leadership: 5 Simple Tips to Bring Out Your Inner Boss


Whether you're interested in getting that promotion or you're simply building your professional repertoire, it's important to develop leadership skills. These skills can help you excel in any position—and may even show your superiors that you're ready for greater responsibility and can be trusted to bring out the best in others. You can't fake being a good boss. It's not just a matter of getting a title. Rather, it’s about how you inspire others to strive for success as well. The good news is that the traits of great leadership can be learned. Here are five tips to get you in the mindset of success:

  1. Encourage Contributions. One of the biggest mistakes that people make when they're put in any type of management role is that they take on every aspect of the position. The best leaders are the ones who know how to delegate responsibilities—and encourage other members of the team to step up as well.
  2. Show Optimal Behavior. If you want to be a leader, demonstrate the behavior of a great leader. Your chance of being promoted to the highest position is very slim when you’re known as the company slacker. Find a role model whom you respect, then study their behavior and leadership style. This can give you a better idea of how to be the leader you aspire to become.
  3. Dress for Success. The reason why people talk so much about the way we dress for work is because it matters. Dress for the job you want. This will give you confidence and will also give your colleagues more confidence in you.
  4. Give Credit. Be generous with giving credit to co-workers for a job well done. Recognize their contributions to the company. Everyone enjoys praise for hard work, and it encourages people to improve their performance. It marks you as a team player and an advocate for the group as a whole.
  5. Be Passionate About Your Position and the Company. Passion is not something you can fake. It's not something you can do without if you expect to excel. If you're passionate about your profession or the company, people notice and appreciate your efforts even more. If you're not thrilled about what you're doing, it's time to find a way to rekindle that old spark.

Clearly, becoming an effective boss isn't something that's thrust upon you with the job title. Being an effective leader means learning how to work with your team in a way that encourages loyalty and optimal effort on their part. While some people are natural leaders, most of us have to learn the ropes. May these tips help you bring out your inner boss!

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