What Does It Take To Be a Food Safety Manager?

Posted On: December 30, 2016
Food ManagerIf the cook is unsure whether to store his freshly delivered sirloin cuts next to his shallots, who does he ask? If the waiter has a runny nose and he’s on duty, who does he ask for guidance? The food safety manager, of course! Didn’t know there was a food safety manager in every restaurant?  What exactly is a food safety manager and what does his or her job description even look like? Fair questions in a time of alarmingly frequent and widespread outbreaks of foodborne diseases. In fact, with 897 outbreaks resulting in 15,018 illnesses, and 923 hospitalizations in the U.S. in 2015 according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, these questions are a good start to protecting public health. Turns out a food safety manager has perhaps the most crucial job in the food industry, and every time we go out to eat with our families, these individuals are protecting our health and well-being! A food safety manager is to restaurant food as a police officer is to traffic safety. He or she makes sure that the food prepared and served is safe to eat. He implements food safety procedures and ensures that guidelines required by the state or local health office are followed.  To do all this, the food safety manager keeps close tabs on his food handlers so that sanitation, prep, and serving are always up to regulatory food standards. He or she is also the person responsible for training food handlers and other employees about proper food safety methods and is trained in how to handle food safety emergencies. There are a number of ways to become a certified food safety manager, but the fastest and most straightforward is to enroll in a certification program such as the Food Manager Training and Certification program provided by 360training.com. The food safety manager must be certified, since his or her legal and professional responsibilities are so important for public health The Food Manager Training and Certification from 360training.com is an ANSI-fully online course that you can complete in a few hours. It covers all the essentials of the science of food safety and the latest in food safety management. It also includes the relevant state regulations related to food safety and the various methods for maintaining a food-safe environment. The course is designed to give the enrollee a thorough understanding of food safety, its significance to public health, and its importance to the business of a food establishment. At the core of this understanding is a survey of the CDC-identified foodborne illnesses and their causes, and the most common types of food contamination in the food chain that can endanger health. The course also highlights the critical role that temperature control plays in food safety and the importance of personal hygiene in the work environment. In addition, it equips the enrollee with a working understanding of cleaning, sanitation, and facility design. Once you complete the course and pass the end-of-course exam, you will be able to a certificate that guarantees to your food establishment and its customers that you are a bona-fide food safety manager.  Think you’ve got what it takes to be a food safety manager? Check out the Food Manager Training and Certification at 360training.com!

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