Make the Most Out Of Online Fall Protection Training

Make The Most Out Of Online Fall Protection Training

Fall protection training has been given through a number of different media. However, while practical training may be the go-to method for most trainers, Computer Based Training (CBT) is quickly catching up as well.

CBT programs have been around for a while but recent advances in technology have allowed this training mode to gain popularity for fall protection training. The most convenient aspect of this training medium is that it allows participants to get their completion certification immediately. This training medium has merit from an educational point of view since it is the only way to ensure that every participant receives the same information in a course each time. Classroom based courses on the other hand may overlook slow learners and can also stray from objectives. Trainers may also make changes in the coursework based on their opinions and schedules. A CBT program on the other hand remains consistent from one student to the next leading to a uniform learning experience. For several people, CBT is the preferred method of training since it offers them flexibility that classroom based training cannot. They can go at their own pace and they don’t have to interrupt anyone to review lessons each time if they are struggling to understand a topic. This is not possible in a classroom based setting every time since the instructor has an hour or less to wrap up the lesson. The result? Some students are left behind just because a course has to remain on schedule. If this didn’t convince you, here are some more reasons why you should consider CBT training for fall protection:


As mentioned before with CBT, employees can be trained anywhere and according to their own pace and schedule. The training module itself can be spread across different locations and time zones. Since it is based online it is accessible almost 24/7 so there is no need to schedule classes.

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Cost saving

The cost of online training is almost negligible compared to classroom based training for obvious reasons. For one thing, workers don’t need to spend money on gas to get to a facility or rent out hotel rooms. With CBT, they have access to a more sustainable option which they can access with a simple PC and an internet connection.

Better retention 

The average learner retains only 10% of what a trainer teaches and the material on offer. Online training is more engaging in comparison and has the potential to increase that retention rate to 70%. The lessons are oftentimes interactive in nature which is important for adult learning.

Message consistency

Online training offers immediate and consistent delivery of content. In other words, all students receive the same message, the same material and are tested the same way. Training consistency such as this ensures that they remain compliant with company policies and their responsibilities in the company. This reduces injuries and accidents that can otherwise result in massive losses. Plus, since CBT is just a click away, students can start lessons immediately and continue from where they leave off as well.

Progress tracking

It can be difficult to track the progress of each student in a classroom based training sessions but not in CBT. Since it is based online, the training curriculum can be tracked and so can student progress which is recorded in a database. Plus, employers can even customize the training according to business requirements and to ensure workers receive training that is relevant to their field.


Today online training is more engaging and is designed to keep learners interested in the course material till the end. This results in a higher degree of information retention and aids learners in recalling important information they need during their work.

Fall Protection for Construction

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