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Application of NERC Standards in Transmission, Generation, and Distribution

Muddassir Katchi December 28, 2015 0

application of nerc standards

NERC or the North American Electrical Reliability Corporation is among the largest nonprofit organizations promoting reliable power generation, distribution, and transmission. Their authority covers the United States and Canada. NERC has earned a positive reputation for promoting safe power systems through their array of NERC reliability standards.

With so many regulatory responsibilities to cover, NERC compliance is one of the most adapted power standard used by companies in the industry. Compliance aims to ensure safety and efficiency in all generation and distribution companies using different kinds of power sources.

How to Apply NERC Standards

Key ways NERC ensures standards compliance include:

  1. The power plant is investigated, evaluated, and audited by NERC to measure and specify possible improvements and changes that the power plant needs to implement.
  2. All the necessary changes and improvements are fully implemented and regulated in the power plant. This may include the orientation of employees working in the power plant, ensuring that they also know the changes and the current standards and compliance procedures for the whole operation. During enforcement, NERC can still continue to address changes as needed.
  3. Registration and Certification. The registration process includes the registration and recognition of power system operators as fully functioning using NERC reliability standards. The certification process identifies the whole power plant and the company as a certified NERC-compliant facility. The certification process includes proper training and orientation and providing resources and support necessary to safely and reliably generate and distribute electricity.
  4. Regional Compliance and Monitoring. NERC continuously monitors certified power plant companies to ensure that they are regulated and monitored closely. With the help of regional compliance and monitoring programs, they avoid overlooking possible violations that power plant companies may commit in the process.

All power plant companies providing bulk-power plant systems, power generation, power transmission, and power distribution in the U.S. and Canada are required to comply with NERC standards. NERC has regional offices in these countries where companies can apply for NERC compliance certification to become a legally regulated company under NERC.

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