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Friday Regulatory Roundup – Jan. 12th Edition

Matt Luman January 12, 2018 0

Across the news this week the focus has been centered around winter weather safety, and for good reason. This year winter has brought especially harsh conditions to much of the US; even in places not prepared or equipped for winter weather. Stay focused and prepared, continually have talks with your team and keep the awareness up! – Matt Luman, OSHA Outreach Trainer and Product Marketing

U.S. Department of Labor Urges Employees and Employers Engaged in Snow Removal and Cleanup to Be Aware of Potential Hazards

January 5 – With the onslaught of snow focused on the east coast, extra precaution must be taken for the cleanup and removal. In many parts of the country where shutting down simply isn’t an option when there’s snow, additional hazards and risks, ranging from cold stress, slips, carbon monoxide poisoning, and others must be addressed.

Steps to Take Today to Improve Your Work Health

January 3 – A positive workplace starts with healthy working individuals. Remaining healthy and safe can involve many different things; the latest blog from 360training Enterprise Solutions has simple steps to address workplace hazards so your able to maintain your health. Read up on it by clicking the link above.

Avoid Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: Stay Safe While Staying Warm

January 5 – The latest media statement from the CDC is aimed at preventing carbon monoxide poisoning from furnaces, vehicles, generators, and other appliances. In the winter so many shops lack the proper ventilation. This is an easy fix; the shop should be ventilated the same year-round. To help with the cold weather, consider running heating elements and providing adequate cold-weather personal protective equipment. Other tips from the CDC are worth a read.

Put a Freeze on Winter Fires

January – The NFPA has a new campaign circulating around that aims to address and eliminate winter fires. Collateral for download is available for free and include infographics in English and Spanish, videos, and outreach information. Check it out today!

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