Posted On: August 24, 2020

What Jobs are in High Demand During the Pandemic?

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a seismic shift in job demand around the world. Career advice from even a year ago feels pretty outdated.

Below, you'll find a list of jobs that are in high demand now, as well as jobs that have growth potential for 2021.

What Jobs are in High Demand During the Pandemic?

Unemployment rates have been slowly creeping downwards since they spiked to record highs in April, but they're still 2.5 times the average. That means a lot of people are looking for jobs and looking to start as soon as they can. What's available?

Food Delivery Jobs

Food delivery drivers were one of the few jobs that remained in demand even when the government pressed pause on the economy.

Now, restaurants in most states are allowed to offer some form of dine-in service, but delivery jobs will continue to see high demand. Good candidates should know how to ensure food safety and lower the risk of disease transmission while doing their job.

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Warehouse & Supply Chain Jobs

As most shopping has shifted online, the logistics of getting those products to consumers have increased demand for certain jobs.

Warehouse work is in high demand right now, including jobs like forklift operator that require skills with heavy machinery. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the median pay for warehouse work in 2019 was roughly $13.80 per hour. It's not the best pay, but it's not minimum wage, either, and these are jobs that you can start right now.

Truck driver positions are also the subject of job growth. That's true of both delivery truck drivers and tractor-trailer/long-haul drivers. Long-haul work pays better ($45,260 in 2019, compared to delivery drivers' $32,020) but delivery driving requires less training. Typically, delivery truck drivers undergo a month of on-the-job training on a normal Class C driver's license, while tractor-trailers and other heavy trucks require professional driving school and a commercial license. Both jobs require a clean driving record and a working knowledge of road safety.

Then there are jobs with growth potential like warehouse managers and logisticians to keep the gears running smoothly. As COVID-19 throws us product shortages and evolving supply chains, logisticians need excellent problem-solving skills to analyze and coordinate the movement of goods. Logistician jobs also pay well – the median income in 2019 was $74,750.

Web & Software Development Jobs

Web development, software development, and related jobs were already in high demand, and stay-at-home orders have only increased the need.

Project managers are more important than ever before for these teams – the shift to 100% remote work has gummed up productivity and team coordination for everyone. A development background is preferred for these positions, as is Certified Associate In Project Management (CAPM) or Project Management Professional (PMP) certification.

What Jobs Will be in Demand After the Pandemic?

Likely, all of the jobs we discussed above will continue to be important "after" the pandemic, as people remain gunshy about face-to-face gatherings.

Other jobs will come into demand in 2021 or beyond.

Medical Jobs

Medical jobs are in demand now, but the jobs that are growing fastest during the pandemic take years of education to earn (at least a bachelor's degree, in many cases a master's degree). That includes physician assistants, registered nurses, nurse practitioners, and more.

The good news is that demand for these jobs is predicted to remain high in the future – for example, the BLS predicts 31% job growth for physician assistants by 2028, over six times the average growth rate. Get started now, and you can still cash in.

However, you don't necessarily have to wait that long. Health care jobs in general have an average predicted job growth of 14% in the next decade, including positions that you can earn with non-degree training programs. Examples include medical assistants, transcriptionists, and more.

As a direct result of COVID-19's high toll on senior living communities, many believe that we'll see a growing demand for home health aides and personal care aides. Instead of moving into facilities, baby boomers may choose to stay at home with dedicated care.

Other Home Services

Fitness occupations have taken a big hit from the pandemic, but many predict a surge in demand for virtual services or home visits as employment levels stabilize. That includes personal trainers, nutritionists, and more.

Construction and Trades Jobs

Construction work has taken a dip in 2020, but it will rebound. The median yearly pay for construction laborers and helpers in 2019 was $36,000, and these positions typically provide on-the-job training. You'll make more money as you acquire specific skills. In some states or cities, you may need a DOL card.

Tradespeople with certain skills are always in demand, like electricians, plumbers, and carpenters. With fewer people training into these jobs and many current professionals about to retire, you can secure a good income for life by learning these skills (and taking the necessary safety training).

Bottom Line

As you consider your next steps, think about the level of training or education required for your new career. While the pandemic is raging, the safest school options are obviously online – just choose your school carefully. At 360training, we've provided online professional education for over 20 years. We're established, we're trusted, and we're approved by many regulatory agencies or certifying bodies to provide quality education. Check our catalog now!

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