Message from the CEO

Careers was conceived as a way to revolutionize eLearning in a time when eLearning was almost unheard of. Over the course of 16 years, I have seen evolve from a task-driven to a results-driven culture. has gone through three key phases that have helped us grow from an organization comprised of 8 interns and 3 full-time employees to over 300 employees worldwide. Today, has over 6,000 courses across 17 industries, has worked with over 250 regulators, and trained over 3,000,000 students.

Our culture and our people are what make unique and successful. Our key focuses include creating learners for life, providing integrated eLearning SaaS solutions, giving exceptional customer service, living our core values – Passion, Accountability, Innovation, Respect – and trusting and respecting our people (our guiding principle). These are not things just posted on the walls, but a guide for all decision-making. I am proud of what has accomplished thus far and I look forward to the exciting things we have in store for the future!

Ed Sattar, CEO, Inc.