Is 360training compliant to the new 2018 Safety Training Requirement regarding Acceptable Training?


As per rule: “After October 16, 2017, only in-person training and actively proctored online training will be accepted.  Actively proctored online training is:

− online training that is taken in a classroom with a proctor; or 

− online training that at a minimum requires the individual receiving  the training: 

· to attest that they are the individual that received  the training and that the training was received without assistance; and 

· to have their participation monitored at random times  to ensure that the individual receiving the training is present for the  entirety of the training

In compliance with this, we have implemented an embedded acknowledgment on our  OSHA courses (for Construction only) and you as the learner MUST acknowledge or agree on this statement as part of the course completion requirement otherwise, your course will not mark as complete. Below is the embedded acknowledgment statement, which will be presented before taking the Final Exam:

“I hereby confirm that I have received the training without any assistance. I also confirm that I will be taking the final exam without any assistance. I understand that my certificate  of completion can be revoked if I am found not to be in compliance with my  declaration.” 

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