Perform a Departure Review*

Learn how to assess who's at risk for departure and take action for to retain them or prepare for their departure.

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Duration: 0.17 Hour(s) | Language: English

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About this Course

As a manager, asking for employee feedback is a great way to create a collaborative working relationship with your employees while improving upon your management skill set. It gives insight into the day to day workplace dynamics between employees and gives the employee the appropriate venue to share their commentary so it can be used constructively to improve the workplace. When you ask how well you’ve provided support and coaching and ask what you can do differently to support each person, you’ll learn more about the workplace dynamics and the employee as an individual. Also, your employees will be impressed that you asked for their opinion and will see you as a manager who wants to keep employees engaged and help them be successful. After completing this course, you will receive feedback from your team on how you’re doing as a manager.

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