Pennsylvania Insurance Continuing Education Long-Term Care 8 Hour Course Pennsylvania

Long-Term Care 8 Hour Course Pennsylvania

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  • Credit Hours: 8
  • Credit Type: LTC Partnership


As a significant portion of the U.S. population ages, the topic of long term care is an increasingly hot topic being addressed by more and more individuals and families. This course takes an in-depth look at long term care (LTC) and long term insurance, ranging from a basic understanding of LTC to the complications that may arise in the absence of a policy. The advantages of policies and their features are weighed, and the differences between the policies offered by various institutions are discussed. It must be kept in mind that policy coverage, rules and regulations and conditions vary from company to company and state to state.


Topics Covered

Upon completion of the course, the student will:

  • Define the uses and purpose of an annuity.
  • Recognize the investment function of an annuity.
  • Discern the difference between an annuity and a retirement plan.
  • Understand the differences between fixed and variable annuities, and the characteristics that distinguish them.
  • Be familiar with settlement/payout options.
  • Identify the benefits associated with annuities.

Regulatory Information

Long Term Care - Initial - Pennsylvania Insurance Department


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