Ethics for Insurance Professionals

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Credit Type: Ethics

Credit: 3 Hour(s) | Language: English

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About this Course

This course covers the advanced concepts of the Ethical, Legal, and Moral Issues for Insurance Agents, Companies and Industry.

Among many other things it incorporates detailed definitions and descriptive information and what they entail. The role of ethics, law, and moral obligations in an agent’s personal as well as professional life and the challenges faced are presented.

It also discusses the core ethical values and how rationalization is used as a common tool. It talks about the framework of ethical decision-making and concludes with a brief discourse on ethics and conflict of interests.

When it comes to Legal and Moral Issues for Insurance Agents, being a compliant and ethical professional has been proven to reap rewards in the long run, even if taking the high road on moral and legal issues seems to be tedious at the moment. It will allow you to provide your clients with better services and prevent you from experiencing financial loss or a tarnished image as a result of legal action. When we make a commitment to conducting business in an ethical manner, we collectively stand a better chance of restoring insurance to its previous stature of honor and honesty.

Course Objectives

Lesson 1:  Ethics for Insurance Professionals

Lesson 2: Role of Ethics

Lesson 3: Ethics vs. Values

Lesson 4: Ethical Decision-Making

Lesson 5: Ethics, Dilemmas, and Conflicts of Interest

Lesson 6: Compliance, Ethics and Professionalism

Lesson 7: Our Working Legal Framework


Lesson 8: Ethical Communication and Sales Process

Lesson 9: Common Compliance Problems

Lesson 10: Rules and Regulations

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Define ethics and emphasize on the various principles involved.
  • Discuss the ways in which we can incorporate ethical values in our personal and professional lives.
  • Briefly define the major themes in ethical philosophy.
  • Fully understand the core ethical principles and values and the use of rationalization.
  • Elaborate on the framework for ethical decision-making.
  • Define the key elements of a conflict of interest.
  • Discuss compliance, ethics and professionalism
  • Explain the legal framework, communication and the sales process

Elaborate on the common compliance problems and Ethics Practice

Regulatory Information

Name:Michigan Office of Financial and Insurance Services
Website URL:
Address:611 W. Ottawa strret

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